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Our garments are ‘slow cooked’ and we have taken enormous care over their development. Over 18 months to find the right yarn; 12 months to find the right manufacturer and we’re still not out of development. Flock is our dream but the day to day reality is a lot less romantic; rejections and rebuttals from potential suppliers (not a criticism of said suppliers; more a reflection of our inexperienced approaches!), fluctuations in exchange rates, tax returns, balancing work with family life and general anxiety over whether the risk is worth it.

Every once in a while, we find it helps to come back to what Flock is and ‘why’:

Flock is: a moment of serenity.

When you are truly happy to just ‘be’ even if only for 5 mins. It is a warm glow after an autumn walk, a moment of ‘togetherness’ with loved ones, a moment of stillness with a cup of tea and a good book on the sofa. It is a fleeting break from the intensity of day-to-day life. No yoga practice or green smoothie needed. Our garments are designed with these moments in mind.

Flock is: a choice.

We couldn’t tell you the number of hours we, at Flock, have collectively spent reading, researching, googling what food we should be eating, what cosmetics we should be using, what supplements we should be taking. And of all these things, what are the environmental & social impacts of using / not using? Generally we find, the more we read the more bewildered we get by the choices in front of us. It occurred to us however that we invested significantly lesser time in trying to understand where our clothes came from. We love natural yarns at Flock and its important that our tread on the environment is a light one. We’ve faced a huge number of choices in the manufacture of our items & one that matters to us is the treatment of the animals who provide our yarn and so all merino used in our garments is mulesing-free.

Flock is: from the heart.

At the top of everything, Flock is the example that I wish to set my daughter; to be strong, independent, to make your own choices & consequently, face the challenge head on. To have empathy and consideration of the impact of your choice on your wider physical & social environment. After many years spent in a grey, corporate fog which did not bring out the best in me as employee/mum/wife/friend/human, I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to do something from my heart and set an example to my daughter that I hope, one day, to be extremely proud of.


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