The Flock Philosophy

We love beautiful clothing & and a little spot of luxury every now and again, but we also care about our impact on our social & natural environment and we don’t believe that one should be at the expense of the other.

The Fashion industry is a huge contributor to global pollution and environmental destruction and we don’t want to add to this wastage. We want to leave a positive footprint and so we give a lot of thought to how Flocks clothes are made. We are by no means perfect and we have a huge amount we want to work on but, as a minimum, we commit to 4 guiding principles of sustainability.

1. We use natural fibres*

*noun: fibre derived from plants or animals that can be spun to filament, thread or rope

In using wool, a natural fibre, we avoid a number of environmentally damaging, chemical processes involved in synthetic textiles manufacture.

Wool is renewable – healthy sheep will grow a new fleece every year. It is biodegradable – if it is returned to soil it is relatively quick to decompose and in doing so returns nutrients back to the earth. It is durable – natural fibres have an intrinsic strength and will age well. Finally it is recyclable – up-cycling, re-fashioning, recycling… it can be used over and over again.

We guarantee that all our merino is also mulesing-free. Mulesing is a controversial practice carried out on sheep to prevent a condition called flystrike. Skin is stripped from the sheeps’ buttocks to stop flies laying eggs in the folds of skin. It is a painful process and is not always a guarantee of prevention.

We are currently using these natural fibres in our range.

(We also commit to using packaging that is either recycled or recyclable) 

2. We know who made our clothes

All our clothes & accessories are made in either the UK or Italy.  Where possible we strive for production in the UK. When this is not possible, we stay within the E.U where labour rights are strong and enforced.  Where the decision is taken to manufacture outside of the UK, it’s on the basis of technical capability, capacity and quality, never cost. We have personally visited our factory in Italy, met with the designers, knitters, technical and clerical teams. We have been working with them for over 2 years prior to our launch and have been able to build a great rapport.

3. We produce Quality not Quantity

Our range is consciously small, allowing us to focus on the detail and quality of the individual items. Like a great chef, we will keep the menu short but do it well.

We are also very lucky to be partnering with factories that are happy to work with us in small quantities. This reduces the potential for wastage of materials throughout the supply chain.

Finally, we have selected high quality yarns to produce durable clothes that look beautiful, will wash well and will retain their shape & hand-feel.

Buying 1 sweater from us and hearing that it has become a cherished wardrobe staple will bring us more joy than buying 3 and disposing of them after a couple of wears.

4. We give something back

We’d like our activities to have a lasting, positive impact on our environment. 10% of the profit on each sale goes to the Flock Fund which donates to charities and causes we care about.