Flock Fundraising

10% of the profit on each sale goes straight to the Flock Fund, which donates to charities and causes we care about. Because we’d like our activities to have a lasting, positive impact on society and our environment.

We are currently supporting the following charities:


Lendwithcare.org is a Microfinance Initiative set up to help some of the worlds poorest people work their way out of poverty. 100% of the loan amount goes directly to a small business or entrepreneur. On repayment of the loan, Flock automatically donates the full sum to Lendwithcare to help support the costs of operating this great initiative.

…. Because we understand both the challenge of financing a small business and the societal benefits when a small business succeeds and grows


Unseen.org work directly with survivors of modern slavery and trafficking. Their quest is for a world without slavery.

… Because slavery is a huge issue for the fashion industry. We want to be part of the solution, not the problem.


Treesforcities.org are working to create greener cities and hope to plant 1 million urban trees by 2020. They look to inspire children to grow and eat good food and to connect with nature.

… Because we love trees and believe everyone should have access to them.