Welcome to Flock!

I am delighted to welcome you to Flock.

We are a small, family company producing simple but beautiful knitwear and gifts made of natural fibres. We are strong believers in the contribution of natural fibres in clothing to our general wellbeing. We also love comfort, elegance and understated luxury and, through Flock, we aspire to bring you a perfect combination of all these, beautifully woven together to create our garments and gifts.

At the heart of Flock is our kitchen table. Here we design our range, work out the numbers and navigate through setting up a company/brand/new way of life. We also drink a fair amount of tea/wine. Through this blog we’d like to share our experiences, invite you to the kitchen table chat, and, of course, introduce our products and showcase the amazing people (and animals) that have helped us craft our items.

Thank you for reading

Annie x