Sunset over gers on the Mongolian steppe

Flock loves: Mongolia

Flocks heart is in rural Wiltshire. Our own items are designed in Britain and where possible we strive for British manufacture. Where we do source foreign manufacture, its within the EU and capability and quality will be at the core of the decision rather than cost or scale.

The unashamed exception to this will be the guest items we hope to feature from Mongolia; a country we fell madly in love with when we spent our honeymoon there a few years back.

A significant proportion of the people still live a nomadic life, herding their yaks, goats and camels across the steppe. Depending on the individual circumstances of the herder families (and the whims of the brutal winter weather), life can be all shades of tough through to unimaginably tough but the warmth of the welcome we received from the families we met and stayed with completely blew us away. Out on the steppe the gers are never locked; passing travellers are welcomed in and given a place to rest and food to refuel before continuing their journey. At night, families congregate around the hearth to eat, drink, tell stories and sing. The big skies of the mongolian steppe and the neighbourliness of the people inspired us and through Flock we’d like to bring you a little bit of that Mongolian warmth.

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