Model wears Merino and Alpaca Lounge Socks in Ecru and Blush

Our Story


Flock was born just after the arrival of co-owner Annie Colley’s daughter, Eloise. During this time, when Annie’s awareness of her own wellbeing was particularly high, she came to truly value quality clothing made of natural fibres. Merino wool, in particular, quickly became a favourite due to its superior ability to regulate body temperature.  Also, unlike many other wools, it doesn’t itch and feels super-soft next to the skin.

Annie says “I spent many hours searching for the perfect merino sweater but found nothing with the style and elegance that I wanted. This inspired me to create my own range. I wanted to capture a sense of elegance & luxury but with the honesty and simplicity of natural fibres.”

As well as allowing us to design clothes we love, Flock means so much to us in other ways. After maternity leave, Annie returned to her corporate job but quickly found her passion now lay with developing Flock and balancing that with motherhood. She left the corporate world and now runs Flock alongside caring for her daughter. Flock is about living life on your own terms whilst having a clear philosophy guiding the choices you make.

Annie Colley Daughter

We’ve poured a huge amount of love and care into the creation of our clothes so please relax and enjoy

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