The Art of Zen Mind detox

The Art of Zen – A Simple Mind Detox Guide

Words by Sophia Smith

As the pace of life keeps speeding up, we need to find the best ways to slow down in the middle of such haste. While it’s almost impossible to pinpoint all the reasons behind this global rush, we know that we’re always busy, doing something, with no time to spare for doing nothing or switching to a slow-paced mode of rest and relaxation. Perhaps it’s high time you took some time off from this urgent mindset and created a mind detox ritual of your own that will help you cleanse your mind and slow down.

The following is by no means the only possible way to approach relaxation, and that’s the beauty of it. You can mix and match the activities (or the lack thereof) into a unique ritual that will help you build up your immunity for the hectic tempo of modern life. In fact, it will help you become more resilient to various stress triggers and appreciate the present moment more than ever.

Tune out the digital buzz

Tune out the digital buzz | Flock by nature

Few things can create an alarming sense of chaos quite like all the gadgets that we use on a daily basis. Our phones alone constantly deliver a slew of notifications from emails to social media, and we have gotten used to being available 24/7. Some healthy self-care habits such as going to a spa for the weekend are a great addition to your lifestyle, but it boils down to the things you do every day to stave off that inner cacophony – and a digital detox is the first that springs to mind.

If your job entails plenty of work with the digital world, or you simply enjoy spending time on social media, create a schedule for such activities. Limit your exposure, and have a designated time slot with no digital consumption. Turn off the notifications and other sources of distractions. Pick up your favourite book or spend some time listening to the wind as you sit on a park bench – just don’t get swept up in the digital noise until your next designated digital session.

Practice the art of stillness

Being Still | Flock

Constantly in touch with everyone via the Internet and constantly in a hurry to get somewhere and do something useful – it’s as if being in perpetual motion is the prerequisite of survival. Remember, you’re at the top of the food chain, you can afford a break or two.

Sometimes, you’ll be happy with a 15-minute meditation session to start your day right, while at other times, you may need your calm kit with your favourite bar of chocolate, the comfiest pair of socks, and a candle to fill your room with soothing scents as you get immersed into your favourite book. Hopefully, there’s a bay window in this picture, flooded with sunlight, but even winter evenings become instantly warmer with this calm combo to enjoy the moment.

Create your serene sleep ritual

Create your serene sleep rituall

Just like a morning routine helps you kick off the day just right, a bedtime ritual is the perfect recipe to unwind, detox your mind and go to bed in peace, without being overwhelmed by the next day’s chores and responsibilities. First of all, ditch the TV and other screens in the two or three hours prior to sleep to avoid getting your brain ready for more work.
Then, put on some soothing tunes in the background and prep your bed for sleep. From using a scented spray infused with fragrance oils on your pillow all the way to dimming the lights to lull your busy mind to sleep, these little steps can make a major difference in creating a calm environment to ensure you’ll get plenty of rest. Enough sleep will help you restore your energy and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

Start a journal

Start a journal

More often than not, it’s not just exhaustion or the amount of work we cope with that causes an overflow of negativity and stress. In fact, it’s the emotional residue that can be the culprit behind a toxic mindset, lack of self-care, or avoiding facing certain issues. So, as you do your best to relax, replenish your energy and slow down, another way to flush out negative thoughts is to put them in writing.

Daily journaling is an excellent way to process and even recognise some complex emotions which you can later resolve with the right approach. It can even serve as a rant zone, if you will, where you can vent all your negative thoughts and then begin the healing process by starting some new, positive ones.

Even when life gets extraordinarily hectic and you feel as if you have more tasks to tackle than you possibly could, these little choices can go a long way in helping you overcome the hurdles and keep a positive mindset. With all the ups and downs in life, we all need some sort of an oasis to rely on, so this might be your cue to make yours and stick to the plan to detox and heal.

With love & slow vibes,

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