Image of Autumn Leaves

Is September the new January?

I don’t know whether its the changing seasons or a distant memory of the new school term but the start of September often feels more like New Year than actual New Year. I don’t really ‘do’ New Years resolutions in January let alone September but I do have an enhanced feeling of ‘intent’ right now about a few things.

Autumn Wellbeing

Autumn is a tricky season. There are 2 scenarios:

The one in my head: here, I am excited with the promise of woodland walks on crisp mornings kicking piles of dry leaves and collecting conkers. Wrapping up warm for bonfire nights. Cosy nights in by the fire etc etc.

The reality: get to November, realise I’ve not seen actual daylight for weeks and that I’m fuelled mainly by Hot Chocolate. Wonder why my jeans are tighter. Feel slightly grey about lack of aforementioned daylight.

Image of chocolate brownies

These scenarios have played out on annual repeat pretty much since I started work. And as the saying goes: if you continue to do the same thing over and over, don’t expect a different outcome. That is why this September, rather than barrel into Autumn without any thought, I have laid some good intentions.

Get Outside

Everyday, even if just for 15 minutes. The run between home – car – workplace – car – home does not count. This ‘getting outside’ is purposeful and for its own sake. The benefits of fresh air on general wellbeing and mental clarity are well documented. Chances are the only real opportunity to do this for many people is in the lunch break… which is good as it can help kill another bird with the same stone.

A walk in the park

No working over lunch.

Firstly because I will be spending some of the break outside and secondly because I will be eating lunch mindfully. Mindful eating is eating with Intention and Attention. So no mindlessly stuffing food in whilst doing something else and not tasting what you are eating. Mindful eating is recognised to help re-wire your brain into making good food choices and help weight management. Hot chocolates are definitely still ON but they will be consciously balanced with the rest of my diet.

Lunch bowl


You can google the numerous benefits. For me, just making me  feel better is reason enough! The important bit here is the quality of sleep. I find an hour before midnight is generally worth two hours after midnight. I feel far more refreshed sleeping 10.30pm- 6am than Midnight Р7.30am. It does take some training to get into this cycle, I admit but the benefits are worth it.

Zero Waste

Last week was Zero Waste Week (, an annual awareness campaign to primarily reduce landfill. It got me thinking about what I do personally to minimise waste and how Flocks foundations are built. Flock are big advocates of #buylessbuybetter but its more than an initial purchase of a quality garment which you hope will last well. Wear and tear is a normal part of a garments lifecycle and little snags and holes will consign an otherwise-still-lovely piece to the back of a cupboard.

All of Flocks sweaters and garments come with The Flock Promise of complimentary repairs for any minor damage that might befall it, to help ensure its a treasured wardrobe staple for years to come.

And personally, all the sweaters I own with holes are going to be darned by my own fair hands this September.

With love,

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