How Dressing Affects Your Attitude and Emotions

Words by our favourite guest writer: Sophia Smith

How do you feel when you put on the finest little black dress you own, a pair of pumps, and treat your lips to a touch of red? Isn’t it delightfully empowering and liberating at the same time? The same can go for wearing a raggedy tank top with a pale residue of the Guns N’ Roses logo, your old Converse sneakers, and your dusty school backpack.

On some days, you’re the leggings and sweater gal rushing to meet her best friend for a cup of java, while on others, you strut the streets with your head held high in your power suit. Both represent who you are, and none of them limit your self-expression. On the contrary, you can use your style and love for fashion to find one more creative outlet for your feelings and beliefs, and to boost your self-confidence when you most need it.

Add festivity to your wardrobe

This just might be the perfect timing to rethink your colour palette – the holidays are upon us, and as we enter the New Year, we might want to ditch the all-black items for more colourful, warm tones. Royal blue and emerald green are not as conspicuous as bright red or perky orange, but they can still add sophistication and diversity to your look.

Colours alone have a profound impact on how we feel and act. If you want to lift your spirits and bring on the confidence, put on something red, even if it’s just a purse, a hat, or a lipstick for starters. Be playful with your colour scheme and you’ll discover more colours that suit your skin tone and your figure.

Boost your confidence and cognition

According to a study, even a single garment can make or break your cognitive capabilities in any given moment. How? Those in the study who were told they were wearing a lab coat performed far better than those who believed it was only a painter’s coat. In essence, the suit does make the (wo)man, at least to an extent, as it can alter your self-perception and help you appreciate yourself more.

If a random white coat with a label attached can do that, let’s say that your sharp power suit can do the same for your confidence. Make sure you choose a style and a cut that flatters you, and that you feel comfortable wearing the outfit, otherwise you might feel overly self-conscious as a result.

Style up with accessories

Even when your ensemble appears simple and minimalist, you’d be surprised how a little can go a long way in elevating your mood and your self-esteem. Every woman of style knows that her purse is her best companion in fashionable quests, so you can enhance your look with a promotion leather bag, no matter if it’s in classic black or bold red. Either way, the timeless material makes it a reliable addition to your style that you can match to anything you own.

The same can be said for your jewellery and footwear: you only need one pair of comfortable ankle boots in a neutral shade for ease of matching, and you will feel as if the sky’s the limit. As for baubles, think of them as a way to make your personality pop with a single-layered necklace, a hand-crafted ring, or a pair of elegant earrings. Suddenly, an otherwise monochrome look can be infinitely more energetic and energising with a single add-on you love!

More to it than meets the eye

While we often choose our look based on the impression we want to leave (hence the power suit), you shouldn’t neglect the items you wear that others cannot see: your lingerie. When was the last time you purchased a lacy bra for yourself, and yourself alone? As beautiful as it may be to use lingerie as a way to boost intimacy and seduce your partner every once in a while, your undergarments are also a relevant portion of your overall style.

If a situation requires you to wear a formal pencil skirt and a tucked-in button-down, no one can prevent you from putting on your favourite goofy underpants with a Snoopy print on them. Or, if you’re in need of a confidence boost, a silky thong might do the trick. As long as you feel comfortable wearing it, there’s no need to save it for special occasions, or for someone else, if you will.

Functionality for motivation

Outside of your professional life, where first impressions do matter and it might help bring out your charisma if you can wear your favourite dress, athleisure has become a mighty weapon in your arsenal for motivation. Simply put, wearing sporty clothes designed for athletes, such as your sports bra, your tights, and your running shoes can actually increase your will to work out and increase your training effectiveness!

Modern gym-wear also has functional perks such as breathability, comfort, and flexibility, making them ideal for everyday chores, as well. So, if you want to feel excellent in your own skin and you wish to feel your energy bloom, maybe it’s time to put on those leggings, after all

Clothing may not be the essence of who we are, but it does help bring that essence out and it helps us appreciate our own beauty and abilities more. Use your wardrobe and your creativity to explore not just your style, but your identity, and help your inner self flourish beyond your appearance.