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Flock feels: A Spring in its Step

Last week I went on a long drive, saw a patch of blue sky big enough to make a pair of sailor’s trousers and got a bit overexcited. You see, I found myself imagining – fancifully, as it turned out – that this little square of blue signalled the end of Winter. I have to admit, I disappeared into a thrilling mental reverie, picturing myself strolling over carpets of bluebells and being showered in apple blossom. ‘This is it!’ I thought giddily, birdsong ringing in my ears and lambs gambolling in front of my very eyes. ‘Spring‘s finally arrived!’ And I started planning a joy-infused Spring blog post for Flock.


Alas, I clearly tempted fate. Fast-forward 48 hours ahead of my Spring epiphany and what did we have? Freezing temperatures, wild winds and Beast from the East Version 2.0.

But heck, I’ve had a sniff of Spring now and I’m not letting it go. What do they say – if you build it, he will come? Or she, given that Spring deities are almost invariably female, with their potent symbolism of fertility and new life…anyway, I digress. So I’m sticking with Spring as my topic, although I’ve tweaked the specific angle – instead of a ‘Yay, Spring is here!’ post, I’m focusing more on a ‘How to Make Your Home Feel More Spring-Like (Despite The Horrible Weather)’ kind of vibe. So without further ado, here are Flock’s tried and tested tips:

  • Bring flowers into the house. An injection of colour and greenery brings cheer to any room and is guaranteed to do wonders for your mental wellbeing. Homegrown or plucked from a bucket at the supermarket checkout, all that matters is that you can see their sunny little faces every day.
  • Give your home a good old-fashioned spring clean. Aside from the obvious outcome (i.e. a spotless house), a good clearout is invigorating and simplifies your life as you part with your junk – think like Marie Kondo, who says that clearing out can help you “reset your life and embark on a new lifestyle.” Plus, there’s more wisdom from the East in the Chinese belief in a thorough clean in springtime removing any bad luck and misfortune accumulated in the previous year. I think a lot of us found 2017 a difficult year so it’s worth a try, don’t you think? And here’s a top tip for your spring cleaning: if you’re pushed for time or find the idea terribly overwhelming, DON’T spring clean rooms, spring clean categories (e.g. clothing or paperwork). It definitely feels less onerous and yet still achieves that lovely therapeutic spring clean feeling.
  • Next, apply the spring clean principle to your diet. Back in the day, the Flock team were known to take this to the extreme – fasting for 7 days with naught but water and a vegetable broth for dinner, anyone? Um, perhaps not – thankfully, we’ve learned to take things more gently. So this Spring, I’ve swapped my second cup of morning coffee for a herbal tea. Nothing too dramatic but every little helps, I reckon.
  • Ditch the black and navy clothing. Black’s energy is heavy and intense, whereas Spring calls for light, bright colours full of inspirational, creative energy. Try whites and neutrals for a positivity kick.
  • And finally, even if it IS freezing, get outdoors. We’re definitely getting more daylight, so make the most of it – soak up the sights and smells of nature in its glorious state of flux. Spring IS on its way, I promise – even if it doesn’t feel like it!

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